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Hedgehog Handworks: Privacy

We appreciate the value you place on your privacy. We will never sell, trade, or give away any personal or financial information about our customers or about their shopping preferences. Ever. You have our word on that.

Protecting Your Online Orders

Hedgehog Handworks's online ordering system offers a safe, secure, convenient method for placing your orders. Your security is ensured through the following methods:

1. Hedgehog Handworks.com is registered with GeoTrust, the world’s second largest digital certificate provider.

2. Encrypted Data: When you are using a security-enabled browser (e.g., Netscape Navigator 2.0 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.1 or higher) the information you send us while on a secure page is encrypted, safeguarding the information even if it's intercepted. Our store uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, the industry standard, which encrypts sensitive information including your name and address, email address and highly confidential information such as a credit card number or purchase order.

3. Identifying A Secure Web Page: A secure page begins with https:// and will feature, in Netscape, a blue bar across the top of the window and a solid key in the lower left corner; or, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, a closed padlock in the lower right corner.

All information passed between the web server and your web browser while on a secure page is encrypted using 128-bit public/private key cryptography.

4. Other Ordering Methods: If you are still uncomfortable with sending credit card or other information online or simply prefer to order via traditional methods, you may still use the online shopping cart. When you have finalized your order, simply print out and fax or mail us your completed order rather than using the Checkout button to send it electronically.

Please contact us via phone (888-670-6040) or fax (310-216-2872) if you prefer to order that way.

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