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Pure Silk Chenille Thread - 3-yard length

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Manufactured by the Au Ver A Soie Co., Chenille (caterpillar in French) lives up to its name; little Fibers of silk stand out at right angles like the hairs of a caterpillar! This thread was used in the 18th century for embroidery on decorative items as well as on clothing. It was also used during the 19th century on crazy quilts, clothing, and decorative items. It can be used for stitching (in short lengths) or couched. Its color numbers coordinate with Soie d'Alger for ease in matching for couching.

Available in the following colors: Turquoise (SCH 0131), Pale Orange (SCH 0621), Garnet (SCH 0945), Ophelia (SCH 1046), Light Forget-Me-Not Blue (SCH 1441), Bottle Green (SCH 1834), Light Grasshopper (SCH 2123), Medium Grasshopper (SCH 2124), Dark Grasshopper (SCH 2126), Gold (Or) (SCH 2400), Acajou (Light Rust) (SCH 2623), Medium Shell Pink (SCH 2913), Deep Shell Pink (SCH 2915), Azalea (SCH 2941), Rose (SCH 2916), Light Purple (SCH 3333), Volubilis (Dark Purple) (SCH 3336), Grey-Lavender (SCH 3413),Marron (Dark Chestnut) (SCH 4126), Mocha Brown (SCH 4534), Brut (SCH Brut), White (SCH Blanc), Off-white (SCH 3811 Lichen), Black (SCH Noir),

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