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Special Services and our Catalog

Hard-to-Find Items
If you have any questions about the products in our catalog, or if you would like us to search out any hard-to-find items for you, please contact us.

Paper Catalog
The items listed in this web store are just a fraction of the items we offer. For a copy of our current print catalog, please send $5.00 (USD). The cost of the catalog is refundable on your first order over $30.
Purchase a catalog online.

Special Orders
There is a very wide range of options available in threads and fibers. We carry many embroidery fabrics beyond those listed, including, for example, Jobelan, Lugana, Murano, and Zweigart brand first quality imported fabrics, all in a variety of colors. We have fibers not available for order online yet: Soie Perlee, Soie Gobelin, Soie de Paris, Soie Ovale/Platte, Luminescence, Gloriana 12 Strand Silk, and Trebizond.

If you are searching for other colors than the ones shown in the Fibers and Metal Threads section, or if you need other needlework fabrics or fibers, please contact us.

Gift Certificates
A Hedgehog Handworks gift certificate makes a great gift -- they're perfect for even the most discerning stitcher or costumer. Order Now.

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